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Season 6 starts on Jan 20th!

Riot has officially announced Season 6 will start on 1/20/2016

I have already been playing on Patch 6.1 using the new Ranked Que and overall i think they did a really nice job. Personally i have found playing with a group of three works the best, you can grab the really important roles and easily carry the game together. We tried playing with four and it was also good but we noticed getting matched against teams more often and it was harder to get awarded with your primary selected role. You can still do well playing Solo but my initial impression would be suggesting a group of Three for the best results, plus it makes the games more enjoyable! As far as our Elo Boosting goes we plan to Boost in groups of three or just Solo / Duo. League of Legends Season 6 is looking great, we are excited for a fresh new year on the Rift!


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