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EloHut Launch!

Hi guys, Chris here, you may also know me by my nickname, “Osiris”

I am proud to announce we have finished our website upgrade and re-branding for EloHut.com

It was a lot of work but it was worth it, customers now have access to a wide range of additional features such as a built in match history to check out all of the boosters games, the ability to spectate your order, automatic order tracking that lets you know exactly what league / division / LP your account currently is at, the option to Tip your booster if hes doing a awesome job, coupon codes for promotions + discounts and much more!

Boosters now earn EloHut points for completing orders, the boosters who perform at EloHut’s high standard on a regular basis will now earn bonuses and other prizes to reward you for your dedication and effort.

I am looking forward to season 6 and as always i hope to bring all of our customers the highest quality elo boosting service for league of legends out there!


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