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New Duo Que Boosting!

For the last couple years we have received requests to add a Duo Que option to our League of Legends Elo Boosting methods and now we have it!

If you take a look at our “Duo Boosting” page you will see a few different versions of Duo Que Boosting. We have Basic, Extended and Premium options. Buying Division Boosting on our normal “Boosting” page will still be the cheapest most effective way to reach your desired Rank but Duo Boosting allows you the ability to play on your own account with someone from our team on a Per game basis.

Basic: This is the cheapest method, if you just want to get in some wins and enjoy playing with a professional this is a good choice for you.

Extended: This is similar to our Basic package but it includes Voice chat so you and our Booster will be able to communicate through Skype or a different VOIP.

Premium: This is our most advanced option and definitely the best for people who want to improve their skills and learn. You will Duo Que with our Booster and have the ability to use Voice chat, Receive game analysis and Professional in game coaching. This is just like buying coaching but instead of being bored having someone view your replays you get to Que with them and learn the best way, fun and action packed while also gaining league points 🙂

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