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LoL Free Champions NA!

Hey guys, my team and i came across something pretty interesting and wanted to share it just in case you missed it. Receive a free Starter Pack including these 8 free Champions starting January 22, 2016 through 11:59 PM, February 4, 2016 when you link your Amazon and League of Legends accounts.

Basically you price is 0.00 and in return for linking your LoL account with Amazon you get these champions free, Ashe, Garen, Ryze, Annie, Warwick, Nunu, Master Yi, and Sivir. This is perfect for someone who has a smurf account that’s lacking champions, it can’t hurt to have more right.

This only works for people with NA accounts and if you live in Canada and play on NA you need to enter in a random US address or else it won’t work for you. If you end up reading this after Feb 4th then keep in mind it’s probably not being offered by Riot anymore.


Click here to find the page on Amazon

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