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League of Legends Season 6 Rewards – Team Ward

League of Legends season 6 team ward skin reward explained,

There has been some confusion in regards to the “Team ward skin”. Just to clarify, this is not the same ward skin as the one given out to everyone who is gold or higher in any queue along with the yearly skin, this is a different and potentially additional reward should you achieve it.

To earn the Team ward skin you will need to earn points by playing games on any ranked team, 3v3 and or 5v5 premade.

You gather these points from winning games, you can see how many points you have by viewing your profile, even if you earn a few points on many different teams playing occasionally they all will be saved up helping you reach your goal.

How to earn points
1 point for a ranked team win on the Twisted Treeline
3 points for a ranked team win on Summoner’s Rift

Keep in mind, you must play in the win to earn the point(s)—just being on the roster won’t score you anything. If you leave the team after winning games and earning points that is fine, you will still keep your points!

You need a minimum of 20 points to unlock the first version of this ward skin but there is three evolving versions.
20 Points = Tier 1
45 Points = Tier 2
75 Points = Tier 3
My advice on the best way to earn this ward skin would be occasionally playing 3v3s and or 5v5 premades with friends throughout the season and naturally build up some points. If you order one of EloHuts 3v3 reward packages this will only account for 10 wins (10 points) since the focus is getting you Diamond or Challenger so you would need to earn some more points on your own or contact me about customizing your order.
I hope this helps you understand league of legends season 6 rewards a bit better, will have more news to follow regarding season 6 solo queue rewards!