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How to Carry Solo Queue • League Of Legends

Hello everyone, today i am going to talk about some tips on how to carry solo queue in league of legends. I will focus on the sometimes overlooked points that i personally feel like can have the most impact on games.


1. Consistency

You must keep in mind when playing league of legends you will always be dealing with variance. There is 9 random people getting thrown into your games so it’s obvious sometimes you will get the better half and other times the enemy team will receive the better half. The key is to stay consistent, if you are constantly performing good then in given time the RNG of the good and bad teammates will eventually balance out and you will find yourself climbing. This can be easier said than done considering often times people will unintentionally tilt after some bad games. Just try to remind yourself, if you are proving to be one of the top 3 impactful players in each game or most of them you will proceed to climb in given time. If you stick a challenger booster in gold games sure it’s going to be easy wins but even if you are platinum skill level playing in let’s say gold, variance will play a big role and you must stay focused and consistent to ride it out!

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2. Positivity

Yup that’s right, staying positive! Many people who play league of legends are extremely sensitive, saying the smallest remark can make your fellow summoner start playing much worse. For example, your ADC dies because he went over aggressive and your support says to him “Why would you be so agressive?* Well the support just made a big mistake and possibly just made this bad situation much worse. The correct response would A. saying nothing or B. breaking out that positivity and say something such as ‘good try we will get them next time” I’m personally a jungle main so when my top laner dies 1v1 and starts tilting, i’ll tell him no big deal we got this, i’ll gank top after red for example. If you pay attention you will notice when one of your teammates starts getting kills it will actually improve the gameplay of other lanes that it had zero impact on because it drives confidence and hope that their is still a chance, i’m telling you if you practice keeping your team on track mindset wise it can really help.

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3. Personal Strengths

This is also a big deal. For starters make sure you are playing the best role to fit your strengths and weaknesses. No one else can tell you which role or champions to play better than yourself. Are you a strong mechanical player? Perhaps ADC is for you. Do you have strong decision making and team play, perhaps jungle is best for you.

If you have been playing league of legends for over 1 year you should already have a solid idea of what role best fits you personally. Just because most boosters will play jungle and adc does not mean these are the best roles, if you are best on support, that’s what you should be playing, this is a very important factor for your long term gameplay, if you pick a role that isn’t your best you will forever be gimping yourself.

Now once you have found your best role find 2-3 champions you are best with and play only those. This is just as crucial, league of legends is a very big game, until you have played the same champion in hundreds of games you won’t know the perfect decisions in each matchup, team comp and etc. This is one of the ways you can ensure you are doing good practice and not bad practice to keep improving your skills.

Do not pick champions based off the best current Meta picks. Sure, the top picks are great options and if you are in diamond 5 and above this will become more important but for most people you are way better off playing what is best for you. This doesn’t mean play garbage champions but there is tons of great picks in the mid-tier region that are not picked often at all which have a strong chance of being much better for you than any top tier pick simply because you are better with it! Example, one of our strongest boosters mains Wukong jungle and boost’s people to master on a regular basis spamming only wukong. Wukong is not by any means a top jungle pick, not even in the top 5 but for him personally it’s by far the strongest pick, find yours and stick to it!

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4. Intelligence

To be a great player you need to put in a ton of hours and have natural talent but there is some very basic things everyone should do, no matter if they are bronze or challenger to make sure they aren’t making big mistakes. Check your item builds, masteries and runes!

For some people this is a No-brainer but for others they may find some huge improvements just from this step. You can see what everyone else is doing on many websites such as ProBuilds, Twitch and Lolking. Just make sure the runes, masteries and item builds you have been using are not completely different from everyone else. Of course all of these things will vary greatly depending on each teams champion picks but there is many things that are set in stone. If you notice they are using something different than you, give it a try! Maybe you will like it, perhaps you won’t. Just because it’s the best build doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best for you but you won’t know till you try. One good example would be, in high elo on Kha’zix jungle i will use strength of the aegis defensive tree talent but when i’m boosting in bronze, silver, gold or platinum i will run Thunderlords.

I hope this helps someone, don’t forget, try to be a Consistent, Positive and Smart player who focuses on their own personal strengths and i’m confident you will earn the results you deserve.

Best regards,
Chris – Master Tier

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