Frequently Asked Questions

You provide EloHut with your username and password during the order process and we play games on your account until your specific order is completed. We have a team of qualified boosters which guarantees our clients receive a quality boost. (Username and password is not required for services on the "Duo Boosting" page)
Yes, with EloHut your account is secure. You can add a extra layer of security to your LoL account by verifying your league of legends account email address. If your email is verified then your accounts password can't be changed without access to your verified email address, this will provide you with 100% security.
The basic procedure is for one booster to complete your order but occasionally we will use more then one booster to ensure the order is completed on time.
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our other social media venues to keep a eye out for our special events and promotions.
After you have placed your order use the live chat on your client panel to chat with your booster and request certain role(s) or champions. In most cases the booster will play the majority of the games using your roles and possibly your champions depending on how specific your request is.
Yes, EloHut has a spectate button you can click to spectate the games being played on your account
Yes, EloHut provides a Live chat so you can talk with your booster.
Yes, if you are not satisfied with your booster you can request a booster change.
The amount of time a booster will play on your account depends on the league and type of boost. EloHut has a standard of 1 division per day.
After you have completed payment we suggest that you log in to EloHut using your EloHut username and password to check out the progress of your order, recent match history of games we have played, chat with your booster, spectate the games, etc. You can also just wait for the order to be completed depending on what you prefer.
Click the Job application button at the top of our website, if you meet the requirements for a position then fill out the job application form and we will contact you.
Yes, for clients who want only their promotion series games played use our Net win calculator.
We currently boost on the following league of legends servers, NA, EUW, EUNE, OCE, LAN, LAS, TR, BR, RUS. (We plan to add KR soon)
We suggest that you wait until the boost is completed to start using your account again to be extra safe in avoiding account suspensions but if you want to play games when your booster is offline or pause the order you are allowed to do that via live chat with your booster. If you do decide to use your account during the boost remember you can't play ranked games.
You can make a Paypal account for free but if you can't we do have another option. When you are on the checkout page instead of signing in to your Paypal account you can click "Pay with a debit or credit card" in the bottom right area so you won't need a Paypal account.
In some cases our high win-rates can cause double promotion. If your account got boosted to a higher rank then what you paid for you will not be charged extra and you get that division for free.
We Guarantee 8-2 or better for our placement boosting. In the rare event the booster does not win at least 8 of the 10 games you receive x2 free Net wins per every lose past the 2 loses. For example, if the booster ends up going 7-3 your account would also receive x2 free Net wins.
Contact EloHut via our contact page, email or Skype and let us know, we will change the server for you.
Contact EloHut via our contact page, email or Skype and let us know, we will verify your identity and reset the password for you.
No, your booster will not reply to any messages and he/she will not message any of your friends. The only messaging involved will be between you and your booster using the EloHut live chat.
We have a custom built client panel that allows you to do multiple things, one of which automatically tracks the current rank of your account so you will always be up to date on the progress of your order(s).
If you had a booster you liked a lot and want them again for your next order then contact EloHut via our contact page, email or Skype and let us know and we will make it happen.
By default the booster will not spend RP or IP. The only time a booster will use IP or RP is if you selected that he/she could during the order process.
Yes in some cases if you do not have the optimal rune pages and or masteries the booster may edit them for a stronger game impact.
We accept Paypal and credit / debit cards.
We are online 7 days a week, Skype, Email and the "Contact Us" page are all good options to get in touch with us.