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Gold 3v3 team captain

Price: $50

Platinum 3v3 team captain

Price: $70

Diamond 3v3 team captain

Price: $110

Master 3v3 team captain

Price: $250

Challenger 3v3 team captain

Price: $350

Platinum 3v3 rewards

Price: $85

Diamond 3v3 rewards

Price: $125

Master 3v3 rewards

Price: $230

Challenger 3v3 rewards

Price: $275

How does our 3v3 rewards work?Buying 3v3 Rewards

When you purchase 3v3 rewards you are invited to one of our teams depending on the League you pick (Challenger, Master, Diamond or Platinum) After we have invited you to our team we will log in to your account and win 10 games which will allow you to qualify for rewards.

Once the 10 wins have been completed using your account you can change your password and continue using your account for anything you like, we will use our own personal league of legends accounts to play the anti decay games which prevents the team from decaying. We will manage the team until the season comes to a end and you have received your rewards.

How does our 3v3 team captain work?Buying 3v3 teams

When you purchase a 3v3 team captain we send you a team invite and then promote you to team captain. You now are the captain of the team and you can do anything you want with it. Some people just like to have their own high ranked team to enjoy Challenger, Master, Diamond, Platinum or Gold on their friend list display while others invite their own friends to the team to earn rewards.

Keep in mind you don't receive the seasonal league of legends rewards unless you have won 10 games on the team but it will still show your new team rank on your friend list even with zero games played. If you prefer to buy a team and then have us do your 10 wins for rewards on it so you have both team captain and 10 wins you would need to purchase the both.