Booster Announcement

Welcome Back!

EloHut is here in the mix, and League of Legends Season 7 is upon us! Welcome back to all our awesome, long term boosters and new boosters alike. If you notice any bugs on the website or have any suggestions / feedback give me a shout and let me know ASAP. We’ll be working out the kinks and focus on getting us to Page 1 organic search results to achieve the maximum amount of orders possible.

Please read some of our important rules herein:

  1. Do not attempt to sell boosting privately to any customer or client of EloHut. You can boost for other websites and for other people as you like but any of the customers you boost while working for EloHut are off limits. Typically when a customer is happy with your work they will request you again specifically when returning for their next order and it will be yours in most cases. If you do steal our customers we will chargeback our previous payments for the amount they paid you and revoke your access to EloHut. Please keep in mind we often offer customers free elo boosting for providing evidence of boosters who attempt this so if you ever have a customer ask you to do a boost for them privately it is most likely a trap.
  2. If you accept an order from the available orders list you must start boosting within a reasonable amount of time. If you can’t start the boost anytime soon then don’t take it from someone who could start right away. Our customers deserve respect, and that is what keeps them coming back. Respect would be in the form of: Them signing up, paying for a boost, getting assigned a booster, and the booster starts boosting at a reasonable time. Typically it’s best that you start at least some games within a couple hours after accepting an order to show the client that he or she is in good hands. With that being said, we here at EloHut mean to be fair with our boosters too. We do not expect you to complete the boost from start to finish starting at the 2nd hour BUT the sooner the better for a possible return customer!
  3. VISION: 1 division per day is an EloHut standard. If you are doing a diamond boost with bad LP gain obviously you won’t always be able to complete 1 division per day but when it comes to the average gold / plat boost doing at least 1 division in a 24 hour period is expected. The faster the better of course! We advise you to keep this your standard, as it is our standard.
  4. Do not type to anyone on the customer’s friend list PERIOD! Even if you get a message saying, “Hi i’m the owner of this username.” you should NOT reply, we have a Live chat built into the website for a reason. Basic communication while in game to your own team is fine but obviously you should never be toxic. Most times customers will be spectating as you are boosting and this can reflect poorly on EloHut.
  5. Always remain professional during a boost and reply to customers messages in Live chat on the “My orders” page. Keep in mind the client has a Tip button on the live chat so doing a good job and being nice COULD earn you some extra money. They also have a spectate button and automatic match history under their chat so they can see all your games, KDA’s, and spectate live.

Upon Completion Of Your Boost:

When you have finished a order you must first Upload An Image using the button directly under the Live chat. This picture should be the Promotion Screen with the one-time pop-up of the New Earned Rank.

This is an example of what is acceptable. Upload your without cropping out the usernames.


If you are doing Wins / Net wins / Duo Queue boosting then just grab a screenshot of the match history. If something goes wrong and you forget to get the screenshot of the “Promoted to [new] League” then just grab a screenshot of their profile with their newly achieved rank. Once the screenshot has been uploaded you can click “Flag for Completion”. From here, your boost will be up for review, and soon you will be paid.

If you have any questions, contact me on Skype: elohutboosting

If not, welcome back to Season 7. Let’s boost some accounts!

Elo Boosting